Flash Trailer Emphasizes Arrow Connections, Character Differences
May 19, 2014

The first look trailer for the upcoming Flash TV series, starring Grant Gustin, does a great job of hitting three key points: That the show is a spin-off of the popular Arrow, with a prominent role in the ad for star Stephen Amell; that the Flash has superspeed, and it doesn’t look too cheesy on film; and that the characters have a welcome difference in temperament. See for yourself:

The five-minute extended trailer gives the Flash more backstory (and a tragic past with a murdered mom, sigh, superhero stories). I hadn’t realized that Jesse L. Martin and Tom Cavanagh are in the show, neat! The first villain looks to be the Weather Wizard, and there’s lots of getting a supporting team, figuring out the powers, and saving the world… or at least the city.

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James Schee writes:  

Aww the Geoff Johns everyone is Batman (lose a parent as a young child) origin made it to tv too. The original series did it too though I guess, with Barry’s brother Jay dying. At least he still seems upbeat about life though.

Jer writes:  

Yeah the “guy with super-speed murdered my mom and my dad was blamed for it” was a Geoff Johns retcon in the “Flash: Rebirth” series. It was a pretty obviously telegraphed plot point in the book, since it’s obvious who it HAS to be given that it’s a 1) a retcon and 2) the Flash has a time-travelling villain with super-speed in his rogue’s gallery. Since Johns is involved in the TV show as well it’s either the same villain OR they’ll fix it to be someone else just to mess with everyone’s heads. And it shows that he still doesn’t realize how terrible an idea it was for him to add that into the Flash’s backstory.

It is the one thing about the show that I’ve heard so far that I don’t care for. Because it’s worse than what James says above – it isn’t just Batman’s “someone close to me died and that’s why I became a hero” origin. It’s an inverse Spider-man origin – “if I hadn’t become a superhero, this person close to me would not have died.” I absolutely HATE that kind of thing in superhero comics. (If they do fix it, and his mom is killed for some reason OTHER THAN the fact that Barry becomes the Flash, then that’s fine. It’ll still be the “everyone has to lose a loved one to know what real loss is like” origin that is overused and, frankly, kind of insulting. But at least it isn’t an “inverse Spider-man”, and that would mean that someone put 5 minutes more thought into the implications of what they were doing than Johns did when he came up with it).

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