William Shatner Launches Online Wine Show on Monday
June 21, 2014

On Monday, Ora.TV (an online TV distribution and production network co-founded by Larry King) will launch a new show starring William Shatner called “Brown Bag Wine Tasting“. It’s got an odd premise, but one that could be conversationally fruitful (ha!): Shatner sits down with someone and pours them an unidentified “mystery wine” (from a brown bag). The guest is then asked to describe the taste in terms of their job, whether magician, cheesemonger, horse trainer, or clown. You can see the show explained in this promotional clip:

The first guest will be celebrity chef Alton Brown, as teased here:

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[…] this week’s roundup as a special reader’s bonus. But when we learned the item details a new wine-tasting show hosted by former Star Trek star William Shatner, well, we simply lost our enthusiasm. We’ll keep an eye out for something a little more […]


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