KC’s Previews for September 2014

Previews July 2014

KC’s latest Westfield column is his monthly look at what’s in the current Previews catalog for purchase of upcoming items, due in September or later, through comic shops. Except that there’s an accident of timing that makes this catalog so big that he’s divided the column into two parts.

You see, given that so many books, particularly large hardcovers, are printed overseas to save money, shipping takes longer than usual. Which means that a book offered in July that would normally arrive in September is now going to show up in November. Which is when they want it on the shelves for the important holiday shopping season, particularly if it’s a big expensive collection (great for gift-giving!). Which means that although summer only started a week ago, we’re looking at lots of pricey Christmas gifts. (Five Marvel omnibuses?!?)

Anyway, this first half covers gift books not published by Marvel or DC — which still somehow means plenty of superhero material using their characters. Comics!

Update: And now the DC and Marvel recommendations are up, with lots of big books.

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