Manga Goes Mainstream With Mascara Brand

L’Oreal Paris has introduced Miss Manga mascara, a new brand promising “oversized, over-the-top lash volume… for the ultimate wide-eyed manga look.” It comes in black, black brown, or blackest black. Here’s the ad, which involves a cartoon panda ad, bright pink, and a “main-ga” pronunciation.

Turns out that this line was first launched in the UK, where it was also offered in Violet and Turquoise. Wow, the 80s are back! Reviews of the product are mixed, with some calling it thick and clumpy, but the packaging sure is cute.


  1. wow. i’m convinced that manga in the US died the minute companies turned it into a buzzword. now people have this very narrow notion of what manga is, instead of just being the word for ‘comics’ in japan. its virtually irreversible and i’m afraid that manga is never going to get the respect it truly deserves here.

  2. I just saw this at Walmart and my reaction was, “The hell?! Why would anyone fall for this?” When I reexamine the display, quite a few had been sold. I then shook my head and walked to the cashier register.

  3. I guess my reaction is more positive, that using this term is a sign of respect, a mark that many people now know it, and that it’s a young, hip thing to be aware of.

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