Amazon Names “Best Books of the Year So Far”

People love lists. And people are impatient. So why wait for the end of the year (or nowadays, October) to get a list of great books? Amazon has published a set of “Best Books of the Year So Far”, and among the categories is Comics & Graphic Novels.

The fifteen titles are well-chosen, with a good mix of material. I’m not sure I agree with their top pick, though. Oddly, the list is arranged “in best-selling order”, so no ranking, but they include a note that Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale was “our pick for the best book of 2014 (so far) in Comics & Graphic Novels.” It was a fresh look at the ancient characters, true, and although episodic, it does a good job capturing the dread and fatalism of a zombie scenario, but I would have chosen (from those on the list) This One Summer over it.

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