Geek Cred New YouTube Sitcom Set in Comic Store
July 9, 2014

The plots aren’t anything new or unusual to anyone who’s spent any time in a comic store, but fans may want to check out Geek Cred (warning, auto-play video), a YouTube sitcom set in a comic store (a real one, Comic Bug in California). The latest episode (shown here) is the fourth, and it introduces to the established nerd guy and indy girl clerks a new co-worker, a woman who doesn’t love comics as much as they do. Mike O’Hearn, an American Gladiator, guest-stars as a really cute guy who does love comics.

One Response  
Kelson writes:  

Huh. That’s my local comic shop. I’m going to have to (a) check out the show and (b) pay more attention when I’m in there.


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