VeggieTales Comic Coming Spring 2015

VeggieTales characters

Many readers of this site likely don’t know much about VeggieTales, a 20-year-old Christian entertainment brand that says it’s “the best-selling children’s faith-based property in the world, selling 70 million DVDs, 15 million books, 7 million CDs, and 2 million plushes.” And now, comics!

B&H Kids, a group that “creates Bible-centered, age appropriate, engaging content for kids [to] develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus and empower parents to guide them in their spiritual growth”, will be publishing VeggieTales comic books in Spring 2015.

In Spring 2015, B&H Kids will be releasing the first two issues in a series of VeggieTales comics. Each will contain three stories — “a familiar adventure story, an already-popular Bible story, and an all-new Larry Boy Story.” (They’re calling them “supercomics”, a term another comic publisher might have something to say about.) When I’ve seen VeggieTales on Saturday morning TV, they’re appealing, if only to see ambulatory talking vegetables retelling classic tales. Let’s see if the magic can translate to comics.

It’s possible we may not even see them, though. The companies involved have a distinct audience that they’re capable of reaching without considering the direct market, which may be unfriendly to the property.

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