Advice Every Aspiring Artist Needs to Read

I really liked this post by Colleen Doran entitled “A Day Job Is Not an Art Crime“. It reinforces much of what I wish more young artists thought about: that fiscal responsibility is a good thing that will ultimately give you more freedom than working 24-7 on your art while struggling to pay basic bills. Some excerpts (but you should read the whole thing):

… few people can make a full-time living in this business. Fewer still can sustain a long term career in the creative arts….

Instead of getting a day job between assignments, some artists sit for months or years without paying gigs. They incur huge debts they can never repay, or take lousy assignments they’re ashamed of, always hoping for the big payday that never comes….

Sometimes it is better to get that day job and do art on the side. You may even appreciate art making more when you don’t have to rely on art for money….

Free yourself from other people’s expectations about what being a successful artist means…. Not being a full-time professional creator does not make you any less an artist.

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