Get Digital Valiant #1s for Free This Month

I wish I liked Valiant comics more than I do. They’re a great company to work with, from what I’ve seen, and they seem to be trying hard to do a good, professional job. I’m just not interested in another superhero comic universe at this point, particularly one that exists to keep pre-existing brands and properties going, especially when they keep doing crossovers. It’s a bunch of guy heroes written and illustrated by guys, and there’s so much of that already that I’m (emphasis on the I) not looking for any more. (That might change in September, though, with the upcoming The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage miniseries, which will be written by Jen Van Meter.)

The Valiant #1 cover by Paolo Rivera

The Valiant #1 cover by Paolo Rivera

Anyway, I do like free samples, which help to dispel (or validate) these kinds of preconceptions. For the month of July, Valiant has made nine #1 issues free to download from ComiXology. There’s no bundle; you have to download them individually, but here are the links:

If you want a starting point, I wrote about Rai #1 previously.

This is all to promote the upcoming The Valiant, a four-issue Prestige Format miniseries coming in December (so a while yet) by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera that features a bunch of these heroes.

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  1. Thad Says:

    Asmus’s take on Quantum and Woody has been interesting, and has hit the occasional high note. At minimum, it’s done a good job of tiding me over for the new Priest/Bright mini.




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