Selfies Are Not Shallow for Superheroes

Next month, DC will be doing another variant cover theme for many of its superhero titles. This time it’s selfies, self-taken photos that artists seem to be playing for some welcome humor, as shown in this Newsarama gallery.

The selfie theme also features in the cover to Batgirl #35. That issue features a new creative team and a new, younger, hipper look to the long-running character, now a grad student. Personally, I was thrilled that Batgirl looked so modern and practical, although it may be a shame to lose some of her years of experience (if that’s the case). (Cover by Cameron Stewart.)

Batgirl #35 cover by Cameron Stewart

However, some people apparently really hated the idea. (You know superhero fans, always welcoming change.) I didn’t realize how extreme some of the reactions were until I read Ursula Murray Husted’s terrific comic on the subject.

Superhero selfie by Ursula Murray Husted

Husted makes the point that looking down on a girl who wants to take a selfie plays into our sexist assumptions about appearance, with some key observations from her work as a college teacher with kids just this age. It’s a great comic.

In case you’re not familiar with her other work, Husted has also published three graphic novels on amazingly diverse subjects: The Lions of Valletta, Looking Up, and Making Rain.

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  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    When I first read about this particular “theme cover” idea, I figured that it would be “in character” for some titles more than for others…




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