Hexed Returns, Five Years Later

My, how quickly time flies, and how much changes.

Hexed #1 cover by Emma Rios

Boom! Studios has announced the relaunch of Hexed. The title originally ran as a four-issue miniseries written by Michael Alan Nelson and drawn by Emma Rios, launching at the end of 2008. Rios, who has gone on to the Strange miniseries for Marvel and Pretty Deadly from Image, made her US debut with the series, still available as a collected edition.

Now, it’s back as an ongoing series, written by the original writer/creator Nelson, but drawn by Dan Mora. Rios will be contributing covers, as shown here. From the publisher’s press release:

This new series dives back into the depths of the Aether with Luci Jennifer Inacio Das Neves, better known as “Lucifer”, the supernatural thief-for-hire, as she takes on the dark denizens of the netherworld in search of wondrous objects for her mentor/mother figure, Val Brisendine.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the series, since I’m not crazy about “dark urban fantasy”, but the description of the heroine as “a quick-witted mash-up of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lara Croft” is accurate — and probably indicates where the idea came from. The first issue is due out August 13 at a $3.99 cover price.

It remains to be seen whether they do anything creative with the launch. Five years ago, Hexed was one of the titles that drove retailers crazy, because Boom! put it online for free at the then-hot MySpace Comic Books site. It was also… historical moment ahead… the first comic on Android, running on the then-new G1 phone.

While researching that, by the way, I had to kill almost all the links in those posts. MySpace Comics no longer exists, that I know of, and Boom! has redone its site several times since then, trashing the history. World Wide Web my foot — more like land where history disappears.

2 Responses to “Hexed Returns, Five Years Later”

  1. Suzene Says:

    Typo on the price, I think?

    Anyway, this will actually be welcome news to a few of my co-workers. I’ve been lending some of my GN collection around at work to pass the time, and Hexed was a pretty big hit. I got a lot of disbelieving and disappointed looks when I told folks there was only the one collection. So I’ll definitely be passing this along.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yes, thanks, I’ve fixed it. Typing with a broken pinkie means items on the left side of the keyboard don’t always come out as I intend. :)

    Wow, neat to hear about a waiting audience. What good news for them!




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