The Movie I’m Most Looking Forward to This Summer: Magic in the Moonlight
July 21, 2014

I am not a Woody Allen fan. It’s not any kind of ethical statement (although shacking up with your much-younger stepdaughter is a tad odd, or at least feudal); it’s that I don’t enjoy movies about middle-aged and older guys freaking out about becoming older and/or single and hitting on younger women as a result.

Yet the movie I’m most excited about seeing this summer is by him. Magic in the Moonlight, out next Friday, July 25, hits several buttons of mine. The first and most important is a great cast. Emma Stone, a favorite, plays a young woman who may or may not be a medium. Stage magician Colin Firth is trying to unmask what he thinks must be a swindle. Also appearing is Hamish Linklater, who will always be “that guy from The New Adventures of Old Christine” to me, but I like him for it.

Next is the setting and visuals. It takes place in the 1920s/30s, and the costumes and scenery are lovely.

Also important are the ideas — there are hints in the trailer below that the characters will be discussing magic and belief and uncertainty and all kinds of interesting concepts. Anyway, I hope I enjoy seeing it. At least, with this kind of film, I won’t have to worry about computer effects taking the place of acting and whether the explosions will be so loud they’ll hurt my ears. (Yes, I know, that’s fogeyism.)

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Fred writes:  

I know what you meant, but to be fair Woody never married Mia Farrow, never acted as a father to Soon-Yi (her last name was Previn, after all, since Andre Previn is her adopted father), and never adopted her. You could view the relationship as odd or feudal, but calling her his stepdaughter is inaccurate and inflammatory.


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