The Chairs’ Hiatus a Beautiful Story of Heartbreak

Now this is how to run a Kickstarter. Matthew Bogart, whom I’d never heard of before today, has created a beautiful graphic novel called The Chairs’ Hiatus. Don’t take my word for it — you can read it all online. It’s the story of a woman who used to be part of a moderately successful band, and how she ran away from it and why, told in flashback. I eagerly zoomed through the pages wanting to know what happened, because I quickly found myself caring about these characters. It helps that Bogart’s art is so lovely, simple in style but evocative, with well-used monochrome toning. He’s good at creating an attractive air of mysterious melancholy.

And he’s running a Kickstarter to put the book in print. You can also get the stories as PDFs, and because they’re already available online, he’s doing a bonus short story only for Kickstarter backers. The base print level is a reasonable $20 for the color hardcover book, signed and sketched, and the digital copy. I’ve pledged, and I hope you will, too, because I’d like to read this story, although I’ve seen it already, again in print, so I can ponder it without a screen in the way. It’s one I know I’ll be rereading in future.

He’s halfway funded now, and to commemorate, he created new art with his characters:

The Chairs Hiatus promo art by Matthew Bogart

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