Gun #1 Launches Kickstarted Noir Superhero Series

I was asked to review Gun #1 because the creator, Jack Foster, is currently running an (already backed) Kickstarter to fund production of the intended ongoing series.

Gun #1 cover

It’s not a Kickstarter I’d support, because I think the world has enough noir takes on superhero worlds; I’d rather read indy comics as books, not series, these days, because you never know if they’re going to conclude; it’s his first comic, so there’s no track record to trust; and it’s awfully expensive! $10 for a digital copy of a 28-page issue, and $25 (!) for a print comic book. It will have a premium cover and be signed, but since the same story is supposed to be available through Previews later for $4 an issue, this seems excessive.

Darn it, though, if the comic didn’t keep my attention. Trevor Maxwell is Mr. Twist, a villain who can make people dizzy. At a henchmen anonymous-type meeting, he chats up Olive Armstrong, who has limited super-strength, and Agent Orange, a demented chemical creator. They find an unconscious, wounded “cape” and decide to sell her off to the highest-bidding supervillain.

In spite of them all being reprehensible, I found myself rooting for them, particularly once things go wrong (who would have guessed?) and they’re on the run. The art’s done in a style that’s a good choice for a story focusing on the seamy side of underground life, with tones of grey, green, and tan making everything seem murky… yet staying readable. It feels properly noir, with no one doing the admirable thing.

You can see several preview pages at the comic’s website. Gun #1 is planned to be out in October. I believe it’s the first part of a three-issue story arc.

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