Meredith Finch Talks Wonder Woman

DC Entertainment has posted a short interview clip with Meredith Finch, wife of David and new writer of Wonder Woman.

Meredith feels like “the luckiest girl in the world” because she’s “getting to live out every little girl’s childhood fantasy” and essentially be Wonder Woman. She also talks about coming on to the title “as a relatively new writer” and finding it positive to work with an existing cast of characters from Brian Azzarello, although since that story will be wrapped up, she wants to look at her interaction with others, including the Amazons, the Justice League, and her boyfriend Superman. The gods won’t be the main focus. (Thank goodness. Although this comment struck me as somewhat self-contradictory. The strength is that there are all these cast members that she’s not going to use much?)

David wants to draw Wonder Woman because she’s an icon known worldwide and he finds it appealing to draw a character with that much impact.

They’re promising to reintroduce a member of her rogues’ gallery from pre-New 52 and “reinvent this character in a new way”. (Thus illustrating a major problem with reboots — it’s too easy just to redo what came before.)

Meredith’s goal, at the end of the run, is for people to know Wonder Woman so well that they think of her as a best friend. Not a bad aim, although it’s a bit weird, before their run even starts, to talk about after it ends. That’s the modern comic biz, I guess.

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