Two Creators Share Valuable Creative Influences

Underground #2 page 4 art by Steve Lieber

Getting advice from those making good comics is always valuable, and this week, I came across two.

Brad Abraham, author of the Mixtape series, while sharing news of his work on the second volume, lists the comics that inspired him. It’s a good list of stories about real people and strong characters, and surprisingly, for once, I’ve read them all.

Natalie Nourigat, who has just launched a digital travel journal comic series called Tally Marks, advises on good comics for the use of solid blacks. I haven’t read all of these, because (perhaps given her recent travels), she cites a wide range of sources, including European comics, manga, and a couple of webcomics. I’m pleased, though, to see someone remembering Andi Watson’s Slow News Day. Her list reminded me to reread Underground, which was fun. (Page shown here.)

If you know of other such suggested reading lists, please add them in the comments.

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