Almost Human Available Through Warner Archive
August 5, 2014

Almost Human: The Complete First Season

Without much fanfare, Warner Archive has made Almost Human: The Complete First Season available on DVD. There are even special features included: a gag reel, unaired scenes, and footage from the 2013 Comic-Con panel.

The show only ran 13 episodes, starting last year, and it was one of those Fox science fiction projects that had a lot of promise that will never be fulfilled. But it was fun watching Karl Urban play a cop in the future teamed up with an artificial person (Michael Ealy) he didn’t want as a partner.

Fox aired the episodes out of order, so I don’t know which sequence (filming or air) they’re following with this three-disc set. If you order early, you’ll get one of the traditionally replicated (pressed) versions, instead of a made-to-order burned set, since the initial quantities were pressed “in anticipation of high consumer demand.” It’s $30 for the first (and only) season, although if you want to wait a few months, Warner Archive runs regular sales and discount offers. Here’s the official show descripion:

In the cyber-dystopian future we’ve all been promised (2048 to be precise), a worse-for-wear cop (genre superstar Karl Urban) teams up with a soon-to-be-decommissioned second-hand synthetic to fight a strain of urban crime that’s evolved faster than the forces of law-and-order. Detective John Kennex (Urban) survives a catastrophic attack on the city’s police, leaving him with an artificial limb and a hole in his memory. The transition back to active police work is made doubly difficult thanks to a new department policy that requires every cop be paired with a ‘bot. Due to his rather radical partner evaluation methods, Kennex ends up teamed with an outdated “Dorian” android — outfitted with a dysfunctional ‘Synthetic Soul’ program that allows it to have emotional responses. It’s this flawed humanity, however, that connects Dorian and John. And together, they set out to keep the city safe, uncover the criminal conspiracy that threatens to destroy their world and find their common humanity. Also stars Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, and Lili Taylor. From creator J.H. Wyman (Fringe) and J. J. Abrams’ Bad Robot.

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