Both Katy Perry, Katy Keene Playing With Female Archetypes

Robot 6 had a short article about the video embedded below. It’s a comparison of singer Katy Perry’s many costumes with similar outfits worn by Katy Keene, a model character created by Bill Woggon and first published by Archie Comics in 1945.

Of course, because the internet, it’s phrased as asking whether Perry is “ripping off” or “copying” Keene. Well, no. While the comparisons are quite amusing, it isn’t much of a stretch for a female performer to dress up as a catwoman or a bride or a mermaid or a jungle girl (or much imagination from artists to wrap a character in a flag or have her straddle a rocket).

Some of the comparisons are quite stretched and demonstrate simple fashion trends — for example, everyone in the 80s had a big red jacket and in the 50s, a big crinoline skirt. And no matter what we do, leopard print keeps coming back. Still, I found it fun to see the costumes. (Also, the video maker doesn’t know his right from his left.)

3 Responses to “Both Katy Perry, Katy Keene Playing With Female Archetypes”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Of course, it’s also well known that Katy Keene’s wardrobe was submitted by her readers.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Ha! Good one.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Wait a character who did little but copy popular trends at the time, dressed the same as a current popular media star who copies a lot of current popular trends (which in this repeat society is many of the trends of past eras) Shocking!! lol

    I say that as someone who likes both too. lol




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