Metafiction Sends ABC Down the Rabbit Hole With Derrick Storm Series
August 21, 2014

I’m stunned by this news. I thought it was weird enough reading the Richard Castle novels — someone wrote a TV show starring a writer, and then the company released books referenced on the TV show supposedly by that writer that were more stories that could have been plots on the series, but with another level of fictionalization. Where’s the thesis on all this about self-referentiality and postmodernism?

But wait, there are more than one series of works by Richard Castle — in addition to the “Nikki Heat” books, there are “Derrick Storm” books, which was the series we see him concluding at the beginning of the Castle show. (And I’m not even mentioning the various comics and graphic novels with the character.) Those books are spy thrillers, so I haven’t read them.

Now Variety reports that ABC is developing a Derrick Storm series for television. Although executive producer and Castle creator Andrew Marlowe has moved on from that series as it prepares to launch season 7, he and wife Terri Edda Miller will be producing this new show in conjunction with Gregory Poirier, who is writing the pilot.

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James Schee writes:  

Wow… all that’s needed to complete the snake eating its own tail? A Nikki Heat movie. lol

hapax writes:  

A comic book about Andrew Marlowe’s adventures in television production.

Johanna writes:  

I like the way you guys think!

Thad writes:  

Now they just need to tie it into the St. Elsewhere universe for the hat trick.

(Reference: http://dwaynemcduffie.com/?p=47 — holy hell, Dwayne McDuffie is responsible for the St. Elsewhere Grand Unification Theory? I did not know that.)

Anthony writes:  

I thought the Radioactive Man comics were something (real-life comics of a character that’s deemed fictional even within its parent show, “The Simpsons”)… or even the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comics based on the 90s cartoon (a comic based on a cartoon based partly on a live-action sitcom based on…well, a comic). I liked RM’s comic, just noting… :-)

Thad writes:  

Yeah, Radioactive Man was pretty great; Batton Lash has a stack of Eisners for it.

(Do Eisners stack?)

Me, I’m partial to Street Fighter: The Movie, the video game adaptation of the movie adaptation of the video game.


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