Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season Two on Blu-ray
Oct 17th, 2014

Following up on last year’s release of Season One on Blu-ray, Warner Archive has released the followup, Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season Two. (It’s also available on Amazon.com.) I’ve already listed the 26 episodes contained here on two discs. There are no extras, just clear animation and sound. The set opens with something […]

Boomerang Changes Focus, Adds Ads
Oct 15th, 2014

I used to think of Boomerang as the animation nostalgia channel, with its focus on older, archival programming. However, now it’s changing its focus, with a new direction in the US coming next year and expanded international presence. From the press release: Turner Broadcasting announced today that its second flagship kids brand, Boomerang, is being […]

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 2 Now on Blu-ray
Sep 9th, 2014

Out today on Blu-ray is the complete second season of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. This follows, of course, Season One, which came out at the end of last year. All 26 episodes are included, as listed below, on two discs in widescreen HD. Guest stars this season include Aquaman, the Flash, the Justice […]

Young Justice on Blu-ray
Sep 7th, 2014

I was given a chance to check out the release of Young Justice on Blu-ray from the Warner Archive. I hadn’t gotten into the show the first few times I tried it, but I wanted to give it another shot, for two reasons. I knew it got better later, and sometimes, knowing exactly how a […]

Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Season Premiere Sunday Has Spider-Man Join the Avengers
Aug 30th, 2014

Sunday at 9 AM (8 AM Central time), Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors debuts its new season on Disney XD with a two-part episode guest-starring the Avengers. “The Avenging Spider-Man: Parts One and Two” features Spider-Man getting a spot on the premiere superhero team. But then Loki finds out, and the results are described as […]

Batman: Assault on Arkham
Aug 10th, 2014

Out on Tuesday is the newest original animated DC universe film, Batman: Assault on Arkham. Batman: Assault on Arkham How you feel about it will likely be influenced by two key facts about the movie: It’s set in the same world as the Arkham Asylum video game, and it’s badly named, since Batman barely appears. […]

Next DCU Animated Movies Announced: Aquaman, More Batman and Justice League
Aug 8th, 2014

Some short notes on the next planned DC original animated movies, after next week’s Batman: Assault on Arkham, tying into the video games. Next up is Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, described as “the Aquaman origin story”, out in early 2015. That’s the same title used for a comic book storyline facing off against the […]

Batman: Assault on Arkham on Digital Now, DVD Next Week
Aug 8th, 2014

The newest original DCU animated movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham, will be available on home video next week, although you can get it digitally now. I’ve already linked to the trailer, and to promote the release, Warner Bros. has released two clips. The first shows Batman being Batman in a relatively standard fight scene. The […]

Young Justice on Blu-ray From Warner Archive
Aug 6th, 2014

The first season of Young Justice, 26 episodes on two Blu-ray discs, will be available from Warner Archive next week, on August 12. (Or you can get it from Amazon at a slightly higher cost.) No extras, it appears, but fans of the show (which only ran two seasons) might appreciate having the full season […]

DreamWorksTV YouTube Channel
Jul 12th, 2014

DreamWorks Animation has launched a DreamWorksTV YouTube channel aimed at kids ages 6-12. Here’s the trailer: The selling point is that instead of repurposing existing material, DreamWorks will be “creating original content that is completely native to the digital platform”, such as having Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Kung Fu Panda contribute vlogs (video blogs). […]

Netflix Imports Knights of Sidonia Anime Series
Jun 29th, 2014

The manga Knights of Sidonia is being translated and published by Vertical here in the US. There’s also an anime series, and it will be available to watch here next month. Netflix has announced that Knights of Sidonia will be their first original anime series, debuting July 4 for streaming. There’s mecha and invading aliens […]

Second Half of Beware the Batman Now Available to Pre-Order
Jun 26th, 2014

Beware the Batman, the Cartoon Network CGI animated show that Warner will be burning off next month, has already had half its season collected on Blu-ray as a Warner Archive exclusive. Looks like they’re following a similar plan with the rest of the show. Beware the Batman: Dark Justice will collect Season 1, Part 2 […]

Real-Life Wacky Racers
Jun 26th, 2014

Do you remember the Wacky Races cartoon show? If not, here’s the opening, that shows all the various drivers and their odd concept cars. Now, check out this ad for the Peugeot 208, with real-life versions of a lot of the same vehicles. We didn’t get the lumberjack and the beaver or the hillbilly and […]

Sailor Moon Crystal Debuts July 5 on Hulu
Jun 25th, 2014

Viz Media has released a trailer for the upcoming simulcast debut of Sailor Moon Crystal. Actually, they’ve released two. Here’s the first: The second emphasizes the background music: Both are making it clear to me that I’m not the target audience, since I found myself laughing at the exaggerated tentacle hair and cringing at all […]

Fox ADHD Airing Future Batmen Parody Cartoon
Jun 21st, 2014

I didn’t realize that Fox has a late-night animation block called Animation Domination High-Def (which allows them to bill it as ADHD). It airs Saturdays at 11 PM Eastern time. They’re the ones that are showing the cartoon adaptation of the comic Axe Cop. ADHD also airs content online — and after this month, for […]

The Lego Movie
Jun 14th, 2014

I’d been looking forward to seeing The Lego Movie, since I expected it to be fun and funny, based on this trailer. Plus, it has silly Batman! I got the humor I was looking for, but I was surprised to find that the movie is aimed more directly at kids than I expected. It’s available […]

The Congress Animates Robin Wright in a Future Movie World
May 31st, 2014

The Congress is a intriguing-looking movie directed by Ari Folman coming from Drafthouse Films. It’ll be in theaters on August 29 but available first digitally on July 24. It stars Robin Wright, playing a version of herself as an aging actress who’s scanned to create a digital likeness. At some point, there’s also a good […]

Disney Premieres New Cars Cartoon on Disney Movies Anywhere
May 29th, 2014

Disney Movies Anywhere, the company’s UltraViolet alternative for digital movie access, is now expanding into original promotional content. Right now, those with DMA accounts can view a new six-minute Pixar Cars cartoon, “Radiator Springs 500 1/2″. In it, the many denizens of the car-inhabited town are celebrating its founding. They plan a leisurely drive to […]

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Now Widely Available
May 20th, 2014

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time was a Target-only exclusive beginning in January. Now, the original-to-DVD animated movie will have an official wide release today, May 20. There’s no difference between the two versions, except it now may be easier to find. JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time is a short cartoon […]

Viz Licenses Sailor Moon Anime to Start Hulu Run Monday
May 18th, 2014

It was brought home to me at TCAF that Sailor Moon was responsible for an entire generation of comic artists. Young women, particularly, were strongly influenced by the foundational magical girl series, first launched as a manga in 1992. Thus, there was much rejoicing when Viz announced this weekend that they have licensed the Sailor […]

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