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Neon Alley Expands to Computer Access | Aug 02 2013

As of last month, you no longer need a PlayStation or an Xbox to access Neon Alley, Viz’s direct-distribution anime channel. Now, you can access the programming from Mac and PC computers (Microsoft Silverlight required), although you still have to pay $6.99 a month. There is a one-week free trial, if you want to test […]


Learn About Life in Manga From Shuho Sato | Aug 01 2013

Manga Poverty Shuho Sato, author of Give My Regards to Black Jack, is blogging! And it’s in English, translated by Dan Luffey. Posts fall in two main categories: Secrets of Manga, about craft and making art, and the Road to Manga, his story of becoming a professional. This is some meaty stuff that fans who […]


Digital Manga Releasing Tezuka Weekly Online | Aug 01 2013

If you’re willing to read manga on computer and you’re a fan of “god of manga” Osamu Tezuka, this is a Golden Age, as Digital Manga has been releasing Weekly Astro Boy Magazine. Don’t be fooled by the title — the series reprints several of Tezuka’s most famous series. Each issue is over 100 pages […]


Digital Manga Guild Expanding to Foreign Editions, Hiring a Lot | Jul 31 2013

Digital Manga is hiring for a Multi-Lingual Editor/Production Coordinator to be responsible for “forming and setting the foundations for our DMG-the Digital Manga Guild: Foreign Editions division.” According to the job posting, Digital Manga’s plan of having fans translate books for a possible percentage of the profits (if any) will be expanding to the following […]


Read Give My Regards to Black Jack for Free | Jul 31 2013

Digital Manga has made the first three volumes — not chapters, volumes — of Give My Regards to Black Jack by Shuho Sato downloadable for free, or you can read them online. The next two volumes are just a dollar each. Digital Manga says that this is the series “in its entirety”, but the reference […]


Kodansha Goes Digital, Ignores ComiXology | Jul 28 2013

Earlier this month, Kodansha Comics announced that they were launching an ebook program. (In spite of their name, Kodansha publishes manga, including such well-known titles as Akira, The Ghost in the Shell, Fairy Tail, and Sailor Moon.) They announced the debut on “multiple platforms, including Appleā€™s iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Google […]


Manga Publishers Are Looking for Fan Reviews | Jun 27 2013

The latest Viz email newsletter asks for reader review submissions. They’re looking for content for future newsletter issues, so they asked readers, “Do you have a favorite manga that you wish more people would read?” That’s not actually seeking reviews, but recommendations, as the submission page makes clear. It asks for “your review of your […]


Manga Out Loud Returns One Last Time to Discuss Time of Eve | Jun 11 2013

For those of you who’ve missed us, Ed and I reunited for a special one-off episode of the Manga Out Loud podcast. We were joined by science fiction author Tim Maughan to discuss the anime Time of EVE. (Ed promised to do this as a way of promoting the currently-running Kickstarter to get the movie […]


Get Mangaman for 94% Off! | Jun 11 2013

Amazon must be selling out its stock of Mangaman, the hybrid graphic novel about a manga character who appears in the “real” world, because you can currently buy it for just over a dollar for the hardcover edition. That’s 94% off its original $19.99 list price. Mangaman


SuBLime Manga Republishing Yaoi Titles From Defunct Publishers | Jun 02 2013

I haven’t seen any official notice of this, so maybe everyone already knows and I just missed a press release, but while browsing the list of SuBLime Manga yaoi books at their website, I started noticing some familiar titles. All had one thing in common: a description that said “This volume was produced as a […]