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Ranma 1/2 Returns With New Omnibus Editions, Blu-rays | Sep 15 2013

The previous print edition Rumiko Takahashi’s classic martial arts manga Ranma 1/2 is coming back to North America with new promotional pushes and editions. The story is described as a “legendary martial arts-action-adventure-comedy manga”; they forgot “gender-bending romance”. It revolves around Ranma, a teenager training to become a great martial artist. After he encounters a […]


Digital Manga Gives New Customers a Free eBook — With Proof of Purchase From Elsewhere | Sep 11 2013

Digital Manga is offering a “September Switch” promotion. If you a) have bought an eBook somewhere else b) register a new account with them (new customers only) c) use the same email address for both d) send them a copy of the receipt from the other store they will send you a gift code worth […]


Viz to Raise Digital Manga Prices in October | Sep 07 2013

According to Publishers Weekly, Viz Media will be raising prices on their digital manga beginning October 1. Instead of $4.99 a book, titles will be $6.99. Since print volumes are $9.99, digital prices are going from 50% of print to 70%. Other manga publishers sell their digital titles at higher prices, so this still keeps […]


Wannabe Mangaka Learns There’s No American Market for Manga-Style Art | Sep 02 2013

Many of us have thought about the business ramifications of the choices made in this artist’s story, but I liked the way this post summed it all up. Becca Hillburn writes about how she grew up wanting to make manga for Japanese audiences. It wasn’t until later, when she was actually trying to get work, […]


Recent Josei Manga Titles: Updating the Timeline | Aug 24 2013

Inspired by Kodansha Comics, I thought this would be a good time to update my timeline of josei manga available in English. Utsubora: The Story of a Novelist In the two years since that post, Vertical has been the primary company carrying the flag of manga for adult women. They reprinted Paradise Kiss by Ai […]


Want More Shojo Manga From Vertical? Better Buy Limit | Aug 14 2013

Limit Book 1 The Vertical Tumblr — where like Kodansha, Vertical answers fan questions — has some disheartening news in a recent post. They were asked about sales of Limit by Keiko Suenobu. Unfortunately, they haven’t been good, so unless something changes we will most likely not reprint this series. Furthermore, I do not think […]


Kodansha Comics Answers Fan Questions on Tumblr | Aug 12 2013

Kodansha Comics is answering fan questions on their Tumblr, and I applaud them for being one of the most open and communicative manga publishers around today. In addition to taking queries on particular titles — the answer to most of which, as you’d expect, is something along the lines of “we don’t think that long-running […]


Finally! Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday? Coming From Vertical | Aug 10 2013

I am thrilled to hear that the long-anticipated What Did You Eat Yesterday? is coming from Vertical in March 2014. I’m a huge fan of Fumi Yoshinaga’s works, including her previous book of restaurant reviews, Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy! There are seven Japenese volumes out so far of KinĊ Nani […]


Viz Bringing Monster Back Into Print | Aug 10 2013

Monster Book 1 Viz has announced at Otakon this weekend that they will be bringing Naoki Urasawa’s Monster (originally released in English from 2006-2008) back into print as 2-in-1 deluxe omnibus volumes. (If there’s clarification on what that means, I’ll update when I get an official announcement, which will likely be coming next week.) That […]


Yaoi Manga Moveable Feast Now Ongoing! | Aug 02 2013

I’m a day late — turns out that 8/01, yesterday, is a pun for yaoi — but now ongoing is the latest Manga Moveable Feast, dedicated to shonen-ai, yaoi, and boys’ love manga. I found this post on the meaning of the terms in both English and Japanese really interesting. I don’t have anything new […]