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Sports Illustrated Website Covers Slam Dunk | May 07 2013

Slam Dunk Volume 1 Let’s see if this brings some new readers to manga! The Sports Illustrated pop culture blog Extra Mustard is reprinting an article by Ben Sin about how the manga Slam Dunk caused Asia to love basketball. It’s a nice overview, with sample art, of the appeal of the series.


Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Coming to TV? | Apr 28 2013

I don’t normally talk about a lot of media adaptation announcements, because most of them, who knows if they’ll ever happen? (Although personally, I’d watch a Supernatural Law movie. Remember that plan?) I’m really eager to see this one, though, because the manga original was a terrific, twisty read, and the talent involved in the […]


Win a Copy of the Tiger & Bunny Manga | Apr 26 2013

Tiger & Bunny Volume 1 Somehow I wound up with three copies of Tiger & Bunny Volume 1, courtesy of Viz Media. So I’m hosting a contest! Tiger & Bunny is based on the anime series, featuring a Japanese take on superheroes and reality television shows. Wild Tiger is an existing hero who’s no longer […]


Win a Pair of Headphones From SOL REPUBLIC and tokidoki | Mar 21 2013

Tokidoki is a Japanese-inspired brand that puts cute-but-weird characters on everything. You might be familiar with their Marvel t-shirts. They also have a streetwear brand, TKDK, which is more punk-inspired and male-targeted. They’ve teamed up with SOL REPUBLIC to release two different editions of Tracks HD on-ear headphones, retailing for $150 each. I was given […]


JManga, Online Manga Service, Shuts Down Abruptly | Mar 14 2013

JManga launched in August 2011 as a digital portal for selling online manga, often titles not available in English in print. Last night came news that it was suddenly shutting down. Points are no longer available for purchase. “Purchases” with existing point balances can be made through Tuesday, March 26, but since all viewing is […]


Bakuman Complete Box Set Due This Fall | Feb 28 2013

Bakuman Book 10 Viz has announced a complete box set of Bakuman available October 1 (in time for holiday gift giving). All 20 volumes will be included, plus a two-sided color poster and a bonus minicomic of “Otter No. 11″, a series created by one of the characters in the series. List price is $159.99. […]


Kodansha Comics Bribing Fans to Participate in Website | Feb 25 2013

Manga publisher Kodansha Comics has announced an ongoing contest. Each of their five new titles now has a “talkback thread” on their website. After thirty or sixty days (varying by title), one commenter on each thread will be selected randomly to get a free copy of the next book in the series. So if you […]


Vinland Saga Coming in Fall From Kodansha | Feb 25 2013

Vinland Saga Book 1 In October, Kodansha Comics will be publishing the first book of Vinland Saga, the story of Vikings in medieval England in the 1000s. This historical manga, already up to 12 volumes in Japan, is by Makoto Yukimura, author of the much-missed Planetes. I’m not a huge Viking fan, but I was […]


Chromatic Press to Reprint and Continue Off*Beat; New Publisher Aims Material at Women | Feb 25 2013

Last month, Jen Lee Quick mentioned plans to reprint the first two volumes of her Tokyopop series Off*Beat and publish a new volume 3. Now, the company handling those books has been announced, and the talent involved is impressive. Chromatic Press has been launched by Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, former Tokyopop editor; Lianne Sentar, manga editor and […]


Viz Announces Mature Shojo Titles — Close Enough to Josei? | Feb 24 2013

I don’t want to start a genre debate, since those can easily and quickly become tedious, but I’m hoping that the two shojo titles (manga for girls) Viz announced with a mature rating come close enough to josei (manga for women) as to scratch that itch. It’s nice to see them spacing out the series […]