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Who Knew There Were So Many Online Manga Reading Sites?! | Feb 11 2014

Justin Stroman provides an excellent rundown of, as he puts it, “legal manga reading sites with either advertising and/or site wide mistakes that’s kind of crippling.” So, ok, you know going in that his experience wasn’t great, but it’s neat to know that there are options out there beyond Crunchyroll Manga and Mangabox (which is […]


Win a Copy of Yotsuba&! Book 12 | Dec 16 2013

Yotsuba&! Book 12 I adore the Yotsuba&! series. It’s a tonic, a restful bit of entertainment that encourages me and sometimes even restores my soul. Ok, that’s putting a lot on a manga, but still, I like it a lot. And I have a spare copy of the latest volume (which is readable to someone […]


How’s Crunchyroll Manga Working? | Nov 16 2013

Jason Thompson’s latest House of 1000 Manga column evaluates Crunchyroll’s new online manga service. I appreciated the writeup, since it goes over the basics, including cost and selection, making it easier to decide whether it’s something worth paying for. For me, the answer is still no, but that’s because I’m so backlogged on physical manga, […]


Why Manga Doesn’t Get Licensed for English | Nov 03 2013

The anonymous blogger at the official Kodansha Comics Tumblr has posted an incredibly informative article on why some manga titles don’t get licensed to be published in English. The reasons are their own, of course, but they’re logical and sensible, so I suspect other publishers think about the decision similarly in determining what’s likely to […]


Mastering Manga 2: Level Up With Mark Crilley | Nov 03 2013

Mark Crilley, dubbed “YouTube’s most popular art instructor“, is following up last year’s successful Mastering Manga With Mark Crilley with another set of lessons on how to create manga-styled comics. Mastering Manga 2: Level Up With Mark Crilley Mastering Manga 2: Level Up With Mark Crilley provides models for drawing basic body parts, such as […]


Neon Alley Celebrates Anniversary With Catch Up Feature | Oct 06 2013

Neon Alley, Viz Media’s pay animation channel that is available through game consoles and the web, is celebrating its one-year anniversary by adding a requested feature. In addition to “Watch Live” English-dubbed anime programming, they’ve added a web-based “Catch Up” option (which sounds similar to On Demand cable programming). Shows will be available on Catch […]


Manga Fans, Your Dream Job Is Hiring | Oct 01 2013

Which manga fan hasn’t dreamed of helping bring books they love to the US market? Kodansha Comics is currently hiring (on a one-year contract) a manga editor. Note that in addition to the usual skills — multitasking, good communication, able to meet schedules — you must be able to read Japanese. But please note a […]


Vertical Releasing Moyoco Anno Autobio Manga in February | Sep 28 2013

Insufficient Direction Vertical will be bringing out an intriguing-sounding manga in February. Insufficient Direction is the story of Moyoco Anno (Sakuran, Happy Mania) getting involved with and eventually marrying director Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion). In addition to the love story, I’m looking forward to learning more about the life of a manga-ka, told in […]


Ranma 1/2 Returns With New Omnibus Editions, Blu-rays | Sep 15 2013

The previous print edition Rumiko Takahashi’s classic martial arts manga Ranma 1/2 is coming back to North America with new promotional pushes and editions. The story is described as a “legendary martial arts-action-adventure-comedy manga”; they forgot “gender-bending romance”. It revolves around Ranma, a teenager training to become a great martial artist. After he encounters a […]


Digital Manga Gives New Customers a Free eBook — With Proof of Purchase From Elsewhere | Sep 11 2013

Digital Manga is offering a “September Switch” promotion. If you a) have bought an eBook somewhere else b) register a new account with them (new customers only) c) use the same email address for both d) send them a copy of the receipt from the other store they will send you a gift code worth […]