Comics Journal #273 Solicit Dropped by Diamond

Comics Journal #273

Fantagraphics has sent out this update:

Diamond Comics goofed big time. They dropped the solicitation for The Comics Journal #273 from the January-shipping Previews [JDC: that’s the November catalog]. Why or how this happened, they could not explain (mmm-hmmm). They’ve tried to make up for it by soliciting issue #273 and #274 together in the February Previews [JDC: that’s the one out now] — but a lot of good that’ll do. We’re still printing and shipping it on time in January (you must admit, we’ve been on an on-time roll for a while now).

SO – we need your orders soon. By the end of December. Diamond will take orders and treat them as if they appeared in January-shipping Previews. You folks who like to order from Diamond, don’t get caught short.

The relevant Diamond codes are
DEC05 2996 – Comics Journal #273
DEC05 2997 – Comics Journal #274
And here’s the description:

Comics Journal #273

Comics Journal #273
cover by Eddie Campbell
200-page (48 pages in full color, 152 b&w) squarebound
$9.95; more in Canada

This issue, Dirk Deppey sits down for a freewheeling interview with cartoonist Eddie Campbell, author of the Alec and Bacchus series, co-creator of From Hell and the artist behind the forthcoming graphic novel, The Fate of the Artist. A born raconteur, Campbell discusses everything from self-publishing to Hollywood adaptations to the philosophy of the graphic novel, all with the same wit and intelligence readers have come to expect from his poetic, visionary comics. You won’t want to miss it! Also: A conversation with avant-garde manga artist Junko Mizuno, whose super-cute cartoon girls and animals frequently mask a ferocious mix of sex, drugs and violence; Chris Lanier explores the work of sequential painter (and Holocaust victim) Charlotte Salomon; an extensive portfolio of pioneering socialist cartoonist Art Young’s sardonic visions of Hell; and all the news, criticism and commentary that you’ve come to expect from the finest, most provocative magazine about comics available today, The Comics Journal!

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