Travel Comic by Jonathan Baylis

So Buttons art by David Beyer, Jr.

I’m not familiar with the work of Jonathan Baylis, a new comic creator, but he’s sent along the following announcement, which sounds pretty cool:

I’m happy to announce that my 3rd comix story, “So… Only Nixon Could’ve Gone to China“, has been published in the literary anthology The Florida Review. It’s the first comix story they’ve published in their 30-year history. It’s probably a rare thing to find in a magazine shop, unless you really scour the specialty magazine stores. However, I have placed the story on my website alongside my first two strips.

So Buttons art by David Beyer, Jr.

The story captures the majesty of music during a college experience traveling through Germany. The art by David Beyer, Jr. has some evocative panels, especially that last lovely landscape, and the figure work, so important for an autobiographical piece like this, isn’t bad. I also liked that Baylis showed an alternate ending as insight into his creative process.

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