Rustle the Leaf

Rustle the Leaf

Rustle the Leaf is a cute environmentally themed strip about a talking leaf and his friends the acorn and the raindrop.

I know, it sounds drippy, but the presentation is well-done and I appreciate its sense of humor. I like the way the characters are drawn floating fairy-like through the settings even as they take slaps at stupid human behavior. It has the potential to please both the already self-satisfied environmentally aware and the iconoclast who takes pride in not being like the rest of the sheep, plus it’s suitable for all ages.

The archive presentation is particularly nice, with a new window appearing just slightly larger than the strip combined with easy-to-use controls to move forwards and back. I don’t advise starting at the beginning, because the first couple I sampled struck me as preachy, but more recent strips, especially the holiday ones, tickled me.

Rustle the Leaf strip

Rustle the Leaf

The leaf, as the titular hero, is more two-dimensional than his acorn friend. Since the acorn isn’t the lead, he can be sharper in his critiques and reactions, and as a result, he’s more entertaining. Strips focusing on the leaf are (pardon the pun) sappier.

The writer is Dave Ponce, with art (and co-writing) by Dan Wright (formerly of Wildwood, written by Tom Spurgeon).

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