Dark Horse Doesn’t Have 300 Available

Frank Miller's 300

Chris Butcher has a damning post about a Dark Horse mistake (link no longer available): Frank Miller’s 300 has been unavailable through Diamond at a time that interest is growing, due to the film currently in production.

Apparently, 2 or 3 weeks ago, there was a signing with Frank Miller in Montreal (this didn’t get any press as far as I saw?). For 300. At which, there were NO copies of 300 available. Dark Horse didn’t come through (it was implied that they were going to?), at all (I later confirmed this with some friends in the media who were there). Embarrassing? Not as embarrassing as the fact that the folks at Warner Brothers were not able to buy copies for everyone on the film’s staff copies of 300 as Christmas gifts this year.

Frank Miller's 300

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to make something of Dark Horse not having books to promote a Warner Brothers movie, but honestly? I think it’s just absolutely amazing that Dark Horse has let the book fall out of print at all, let alone at Christmas, let alone while the movie is filming, let alone for a big Frank Miller signing in support of the book and movie! This is the company that got caught short on Hellboy trade paperbacks AND Sin City trade paperbacks, at the height of their movie-tie-in-buzz.

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