Salmon Doubts

Salmon Doubts

In this low-key graphic novel, Adam Sacks follows a fish from birth to death. The fluid lines of Salmon Doubts are printed in a very dark blue, and the grey and light blue colors create an underwater feel.

Most of the fish are happy just being part of the group, following their instincts and letting others make decisions. Henry doesn’t fit in; he’s something of a loner. Henry finds it hard to talk to the other fish, which disappoints him, although Geoff is the true individual, willing to go off on his own. Henry talks about doing his own thing, but his real goal in life is to spawn with Samantha.

Salmon Doubts

The school’s swim down river is captured beautifully, and the reader really gets a sense of how many fish are involved in the group. The sheer numbers make individual behavior even more of a risk, although Sacks keeps the dialogue easy to read by using different fonts for the varying voices.

There’s a dry sense of humor in these scenes that livens the philosophical discussions about friendship, the purpose of life, and how hard it can be to swim against the tide.

More information is available at the publisher’s website.

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