Cheeky Angel Volume 6

Cheeky Angel Volume 6

Rich, spoiled Keiko wants to be recognized as the prettiest girl in school, but she can’t compare with Meg’s magically granted beauty. While the boys are praising Meg as an angel and a goddess, Keiko fades into the background, a fate she refuses to accept.

Her resulting plots are comical in their fussiness. For example, to get revenge on boys who ignore her, she has a crew that pours mud and then drives by in a car to splash them with it. Her “scenario crew” makes up scripts for the way things are supposed to go. Since this is a comedy, they rarely do.

Keiko is capable of scaring Meg when little else does. Her pranks target Meg’s emotions instead of threatening her physically, and Meg doesn’t know how to handle being the target of the wrong kind of attention.

Cheeky Angel Volume 6

The art by Hiroyuki Nishimori is basic, without the pretty people frills seen in manga targeted at the female audience, since this is Action, not Shôjo. We’re often told that Meg is physically perfect because visually, she just looks normal, although with exceptionally long hair. The author never met a situation that couldn’t be complicated, and then resolved, by fighting, but there’s enough emotional underpinning to give the stories some depth.

As the series has progressed, both Meg and the reader have come to a greater acceptance of his fate (born a boy, transformed into a beautiful girl by a mischievous demon but still with a boy’s mind). It’s understandable, since perception affects reality: Meg looks like a beautiful young woman, so that’s how people treat him, even when they know his background story. As a result, he begins behaving more like one. After all, if one thinks such a change may be permanent, it only makes since to eventually adjust to it. I previously reviewed volume 1.

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