Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero

Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero

Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero, the second book in the series written by Jen Van Meter, is illustrated by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim) with flashbacks by Andi Watson (Breakfast After Noon), Christine Norrie (Hopeless Savages Book 1), and Chynna Clugston (Blue Monday). Cover and chapter break art is by Terry Dodson.

It focuses on Zero, the youngest child of the punk family, as she’s beginning to think about dating. It’s a touching, very real portrait of the problems of being a teen, complicated by a video crew taping her family (Mom and Dad are rock stars) and Zero’s band preparing to perform at a school event.

Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero

Zero has to deal with expectations she doesn’t even know exist about roles and relationships. Romances are tough to do without sap or cliché, but this one feels very real, inspiring, and touching. I wish I’d known more boys like Ginger when I was her age!

The art, primarily by Bryan Lee O’Malley, reminds me of living Lego figures. The characters often have blocky heads with sharp chins and squat pug noses. The overall feel is one of youth and attitude, which suits the content well. The flashbacks, done by the artists from the previous volumes, shed additional light on Zero’s family situation.

This is a short review because I don’t want to spoil too much about the twists and turns of love, which doesn’t run smoothly. Still, talented artists, great family interactions, what more could you ask for?


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