Sonovawitch! and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

Sonovawitch! and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

Sonovawitch!, the next book after Tales of Supernatural Law by Batton Lash, contains the lengthy title story about a man’s mother casting a spell that causes a colleague to fall in love with him. It also features a morality play about a doctor who’s legally enjoined from transitioning his patients and a mob vampire story told entirely through TV screens.

A set of stories focus on Mavis the secretary, about her decision on how to respond to her boyfriend’s proposal of marriage. There’s a Rashomon-inspired story about a giant lizard and a Japanese monk told from three different perspectives in three different art styles and the story of a demon possessed by a human that stars an Alan Moore-like children’s book author.

Sonovawitch! and Other Tales of Supernatural Law

Also, a wayward mother starts a witch hunt against the hunchback Ygor, convinced that he’s teaching the kids evil things because he comes from somewhere else and looks the way he does. It’s played for laughs, but there’s a disturbing message of warning underneath.

We find out much more about the cast’s personal lives as well, with Alanna’s airhead sister Corey coming to work for the firm, the first appearance of Jeff’s family, and Alanna joining the Associates of Portia, a support group for female lawyers and a comic industry in-joke (with a logo inspired by Friends of Lulu, a group dedicated to getting more women involved in comics). Throughout this book, various takes on family show how connected characters can be, even against their will, and the weird things people do under the guise of love and wanting good things for their relatives.

Moderation and logic, as embodied by Wolff and Byrd, are the keys to avoid going overboard and accidentally hurting others, or there are all kinds of messes to clean up. More information is available at the Exhibit A website.

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