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Sweet Cream and Strawberries cover

As a big fan of Tramps Like Us, I would love to see more manga aimed at women, not girls. Publishers Weekly points to an upcoming title that sounds very promising, Kiriko Nananan’s Sweet Cream and Red Strawberries from Central Park Media. (Strangely, although PW says it’s out this month, I can’t find information on the book on CPM’s site, and Amazon has no release date listed.)

MangaBlog also noticed the article and adds some comments about pricing and library availability, raising the question of whether manga can and will be shelved outside of the young adult section.

Sweet Cream and Strawberries cover

MangaBlog also answers a question I’ve been curious about: whatever happened to Tokyopop’s Manga After Hours marketing push towards women? The answer is the expected “low sales”.

Perhaps that was influenced by my favorite of Erica Sakurazawa’s works ending with “to be continued”, a book that never appeared?

Anyway, I’m sure that josei’s time will come. Perhaps Tokyopop was just a bit too far ahead of the curve.

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