Ragmop Returns!


I loved Rob Walton’s Ragmop. It was a crazy blend of Warner animation-style art and paranoid political conspiracy theories and wacky ideas. I don’t remember plot details at this point (it was ten years ago now that the series was published), but I have vague recollections of a really smart woman facing off against the Pope, and there were dinosaurs in there somehow.

Anyway, the exciting news of the day is that Ragmop is returning! Via Rob Walton’s blog:


Far from being a simple reprint of old material, Ragmop has been completely updated with new story and art to reflect the current dynamics of the world we live in. The art has been completely re-mastered, and dialogue has been rewritten throughout to transform the story from a serialized comic into a unified single graphic narrative. Then of course, there’s the matter of the missing ending. The original series was left incomplete. Not so the graphic novel. Like Jack Kirby’s The Hunger Dogs, the Ragmop graphic novel will wrap up the story in dramatic and hilarious fashion.

By these standards, I regard the Ragmop graphic novel as an original work, and not a reprint. It will be a brand new reading experience for both old and new readers alike.

It’s planned to be out in October with a huge page count for $30, and there are already preview pages available.


  • Ray Cornwall

    WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! AWESOME news! Johanna, you just made my day. Ragmop was awesome, and I’m glad it’s back.

  • Dan Coyle

    I read the series when it debuted at Image in ’97, and while it was REALLY heavy handed, it was also well thought out and funny.

  • Craig

    Yay! I hated the way Ragmop shuffled off into limbo after the Image Comics fiasco! Welcome back, Rob Walton!!!
    Yay again!

  • Rob Walton

    Lo, there shall come an ending! Yes, Ragmop’s back! Not a hoax! Not a dream! Not an imaginary story! The book is on schedule to ship in October. I’m glad to know the work is not forgotten and that people are excited to see its return. I kept that in mind by re-writing and editing the thing to make it fresh and new for eveyone. As for Ragmop being heavy handed… well! You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

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