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Spending a lovely afternoon rereading The Maze Agency, I came across this name-dropping in issue #12.

Maze Agency #12

For those who can’t read the text, here it is:

Do you have an appointment, young man?
Yes, ma’am, I’m Gabriel Webb…
… and this is my secretary, Miss Laura Holt.
This way, please. Mr. Morrigan will see you now.
“Laura Holt”? Where did that name come from?
I’ll tell you later…

(Written by Mike W. Barr, art by Adam Hughes and Rick Magyar, May 1990)

Of course Jennifer wouldn’t have the time to watch TV — she’s too busy running her own agency! Gabe’s looking a bit more dapper than usual, too.

This was from the Innovation run. The title went seven issues at Comico (the first five of which were reprinted in the recent IDW collection), then 16 more at Innovation (plus a Special and an Annual). There were three issues from Caliber in 1997-98 and then three from IDW last year (supposed to be four, but the miniseries ended early).

I wish this wonderful mystery series could somehow manage to catch on, but it faces the same struggles so many creator-owned titles do: not enough sales to make enough money to keep a top-flight artist, and without artistic consistency and talent, it can’t get popular enough to break the cycle, no matter how good the writing is.

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