Wizard World Chicago 2006: Good Times

KC with balloons

Contrary to expectations I might have previously created, there were some good bits at the Chicago con.

I found a few things to buy. At the Top Shelf booth, I got Lost Girls (part of my reason to drive to the Midwest instead of flying) and a replacement Owly shirt (they come in pink now!). I was introduced to the Theater Hopper web comic, and because it tickled me immensely, I bought their Spoiler t-shirt.

I had a great time meeting Jeremy in Marketing at Dark Horse, and I was thankful that they gave out very large, very sturdy, very yellow carrying bags.

Dark Horse booth

Thanks very much also to Westfield Comics, who were giving away copies of their ordering catalogs. They gave us two empty boxes (normally each contained 120 catalogs), which allowed us to carry home our purchases, including $300 of old Archies. (That was QUITE a stack.)

(By the way, if you’re looking for a reliable mail order company that provides terrific service, including original newsletter content and recommendations, go with Westfield. They’re good people.)

Pam Bliss, Molly White, Carla Speed McNeil

I’ve already talked about how much I enjoyed getting some serious conversation time with Paul Sizer. I also got the chance to catch up briefly with Pam Bliss, her friend Molly White, and Carla Speed McNeil.

I was astounded and honored to find out that Keith Giffen reads this site!

I had a great dinner table conversation with Shawn Moll (artist on 52), where we found out that we had both spent time on the Usenet comic groups back in the mid-90s.

Noel Neill

Of all the lines to visit artists famous because they’re able to Photoshop magazine pictures or to purchase manufactured collectibles, I was thrilled to see this one: people queueing to meet Noel Neill, TV’s original Lois Lane.

KC with balloons

Last, here’s the goofy picture of the convention — my husband making sure I can find him in a crowd. Later, I bumped into him again, and he only had half as many balloons attached. I asked him where they went, and he said kids were stopping him and asking for them, so he gave them away. Awww.

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  • Jim Caldwell

    Not that it really matters, but it was local chain Graham Crackers Comics that was giving the balloons away. They offered me a balloon on Friday, but I declined. There were enough kids on Saturday and Sunday carting balloons around that I didn’t get offered one again. (And there were a lot of kids at the show. Maybe the thin crowd made them more visible, but there were noticeably more kids on the weekend)

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