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As if my three posts weren’t enough, here’s some other links:

Heidi MacDonald sums up some links and concludes “Really, WW Chicago is a major regional show, but any pretense that it is even in the same league as San Diego’s multi media Conmageddon is silly.”

Kris Dresen sounds about how I feel (link no longer available):

It was all just so disappointing to me. I remember having a table at the last three (and first Wizard World) Chicago Cons. Artists Alley had folks like Brian Biggs, Roberta Gregory, Cherise Mericle, and other really amazing indy artists. I would walk the aisles and just find so many cool comics. We sold cases of Manya and Max & Lily books. It was so fun and energizing. I liked comics back then. Now? Ugh. As we navigated Artists Alley I saw lots of comics but nothing that made me want to stop and look at let alone buy.

ICV2, the retailer-targeted site, points out a key factor:

The schedule undoubtedly had an impact on Wizard World’s flagship show. It was tough for comic companies to bring out the guests they’d had on the road only two weeks before in San Diego. Game companies were distracted by preparations for GenCon. And the anime and manga presence in Chicago was pretty light, with most companies in those categories opting for the otaku audience at Otakon.

I especially liked this quote from their coverage: “Wizard has not yet announced its attendance, and may yet pull out a 2006 increase.” Pull out from where? Their butt?

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