Crimson Hero Volume 3

Crimson Hero Volume 3

I’m still enjoying the competition demonstrated in this story of a girl’s attempt to build a volleyball team, but this entry by Mitsuba Takanashi wasn’t as much fun as the earlier volumes. There are two reasons for that: the first is my memory.

The book opens with the girls’ volleyball team finally forming and playing together. There are six team members … and I only remember the back story and characterizations for three of them. I wish I had the time to reread the previous volume, because I feel like I need to in order to remember what makes each girl distinctive.

Crimson Hero Volume 3

The second reason is the occasionally dodgy art. When it happens, it seems to be on 3/4 view head shots. The panels where the heroine looks cross-eyed or where outsized features are misplaced on misshapen heads are becoming annoying, distracting me from the drama of the story.

Nobara learns the lesson of not letting her goal of building a team become more important than the people she cares about, which leads to a conflict. When her team needs her to be on time and her younger sister needs her protection from a creepy wannabe boyfriend, will she have to choose between them? I’ve also reviewed volume 1 and volume 2.

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