Selling Online Chapters

Slave Labor takes another step forward with their digital comic sales plan:

SLG will be taking what it considers to be the logical next step by serializing Whistles as downloadable-only comics, following with a print version of the comics in graphic novel format being made available to the book trade and direct markets in the late spring. Readers will be able to read Whistles this October, when SLG offers the first issue on their webstore.The issues will cost $0.89 and will be available in CBZ and PDF formats. Each issue will include an ad for the first Whistles trade paperback.

It apparently involves clowns and cannibals, which lead to the publisher describing it as “for [their] core fans”. There’s a preview available at the link. Other publishers have been successful with online serialization leading to print collections, but no one else has been charging for the serial chapters.

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