Wizard’s New Low

Wizard Bringing Up the Rear

From the latest Wizard, page 23.

To tie into the Nov. release of Frank Miller’s bootylicious cover to All-Star Batman and Robin #5, we whipped up this fun and saucy mix-and-match game. Below you’ll find eight lovely apple-bottoms (one of which is Miller’s cover); your job is to identify the character by her rump and match it to the artist below. Answers for these gluteus masterpieces are at the bottom (naturally).

Wizard Bringing Up the Rear

Does Wizard think women should be treated as cows, identifying them by their rumps? Or is there more to be assumed from Wizard including with the women “Jae Lee’s Lockjaw”, a magic dog? Is there something being implied about “bitches”?

It’s interesting that all of the captions are of a possessive nature, i.e. “Steve McNiven’s Dagger”. (And that most of the artists aren’t creators of these characters.) Best of all, the comic issue they’re supposedly promoting here has been delayed until the end of January 2007.

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