Whiteout Returns

Whiteout promo art

I’m very happy to hear that there’s going to be another Whiteout comic. I just adore Steve Lieber’s art, and Greg Rucka’s writing has never been better than in this story of a U.S. Marshal in Antarctica. From an interview at Comic Book Resources:

in the fourth quarter of 2007… Rucka and Lieber reunite for the third chapter of Carrie’s story, Whiteout: Thaw, once again from Oni Press. Like the two previous series, Thaw will likely debut as a four issue mini-series (Rucka, Lieber, and company are still finalizing their plans) in black and white once again. …

[Rucka:] The shorthand [Lieber] and I have always used for this new series, and he’s never drawn it to my knowledge, but he and I had a conversation at one point about how when you die on Antarctica, they use these industrial, kind of galvanized coffins to move you off the ice. It was always this image of watching one of these things loaded into the back of a C140 and the slug I told the guys at Oni was, “Carrie’s leaving the ice — the only question is how.” That’s all I can say what the story is going to be. Steve and I have known we were going to tell this one for a long time and it was going to be Carrie’s last Antarctica story.

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