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I don’t watch Heroes, but KC does. He pointed this out to me:

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Chuck Kim was the name of an assistant editor who was at DC when we were there, so mid- to late-90s. He worked with Archie Goodwin, who edited (among many many other things) the Batman Halloween stories written by

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Yep, Jeph Loeb. One of six co-executive producers, and with another three executive producers, isn’t that show a bit top-heavy?

I don’t know if it’s the same Chuck Kim. I suspect it’s probably not. That would just be too pat if it were.


  • James Schee

    Actually I’m pretty sure it is. I think I read an interview with Tim Sale (whose art appears on the show) that basically said Chuck was his liason given Chuck Kim’s past in comics as editor.

  • James Schee

    Yep, quick google search revealed:


    RAMA: What’s your working relationship with Tim Kring like?

    TS: I don’t really have much of one. He is a great guy, very “normal” and generous and quiet, and I like him a great deal, but we don’t have much interaction in the course of making the show. I really am closer to being part of the crew, and so I work with the props department primarily. Jeph is a big help, but right now, in one of those stranger than fiction things, Archie Goodwin’s old assistant editor, Chuck Kim, is working on the show as, among other things, my liaison.

  • Jim Kosmicki

    Not many people seem to notice that Ben Edlund, the creator of The Tick, is a writer and some sort of producer on Supernatural, on the CW. He had worked on Firefly and Angel, so it’s a good fit. But when I first saw his credit on the screen, I was brought up short and thought it had to be a different Ben Edlund. but it isn’t. So apparently, it’s not just TV guys coming over to comics — it’s also comics guys going over to TV.

  • Dave Mahlin

    I haven’t watched Monday night’s episode yet, but on Sunday we re-watched the previous episode from 5 or 6 weeks ago, partly to refresh my memory, partly because my wife fell asleep the first time (yeah, yeah…. no jokes please.)

    Inside references are all over this show. In the one we watched the other night there were two FBI agents named Quesada and Alonso. And that’s a tiny example.

  • Jim, there’s a history of that, back to Gerry Conway working on Law & Order, was it?

  • Jim Kosmicki

    yes, but it’s not as much as you’d think, given that the comics writers know how to write to a particular plot structure, in episodic fashion, with both ongoing subplots as well as the resolved major plot, consistent characterization, etc. Most of the comics writers who’ve written for TV went into animation. Writing for network live-action TV is a bit newer. I’ve always felt that John Ostrander, with his more character-based writing style, would work well in a TV series scenario.

  • Dave Mahlin

    We might also add that last week’s episode of LOST was written by Brian K. Vaughan, and Paul Dini has written more than one ep, as well.

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