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The Minx Class of 2007

This completes the first year of Minx. Interestingly, Karen Berger when interviewed a year ago about the line, said there would be seven Minx releases in 2007. Which book went missing?

Due in 2008

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They do plan seven books for 2008, including work by Joelle Jones (12 Reasons Why I Love Her) and Steve Rolston (One Bad Day).

I’m more excited about the artists than the writers because the latter are performance artists, novelists, journalists … the kind of non-comic-writers that have caused some of the pacing and structure problems in the line’s books so far. (I hope the former Vertigo editor doesn’t have that problem!) At least this time the majority of writers are women, and they finally got around to including their first female artist (Joelle Jones)!

Looks like David Hahn still isn’t returning to Private Beach, as he’s done All Nighter about “an angry young punk rocker” (oh joy). And the only sequel so far is to the worst of the bunch, Clubbing in Tokyo. My guess at 2008’s best? Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s The New York Four, about new college students.

The Big Question

Is the line a success? I don’t pay attention to sales figures much, so I don’t know how well the books are selling either in the direct market or in the bigger bookstore field. That they’re doing a second year says to me that they still are optimistic about the idea. I’m guessing the books are most popular among schools and libraries, since they’re classically styled stories (teenage girl learns life lesson) that are easy to justify for purchase. I have yet to hear anyone really excited about them, though, in any market.


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