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It’s that time of year again… Archie Comics is the only major publisher I’m aware of that still publishes its Statements of Ownership, Management, and Circulation, a post office requirement to use certain mail classes. That means we know what circulation numbers they’re reporting to the government.

Here’s the figures I’ve seen so far for Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation. The first number is the Average No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months; the second is No. Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date.

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Title Average    Nearest Issue
Archie #581 27,498 28,885
Archie’s Double Digest #185 96,887 104,056
Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals Double Digest #118     85,587 98,753
Betty #171 12,731 13,295
Jughead and Friends Digest #26 46,247 48,842

As usual, the digests do much better than the single issues. For comparison with Diamond direct market sales, the ADD’s 104K would make it #5 in ranking (based on this November 2007 list) while Betty would be #164 or so, right next to the last issue of Loners and part of the Howard the Duck miniseries.

I’ll try to update this post in a month or so when I get more issues.

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