Fan Comics: Torchwood Babies

Torchwood Babiez

I’m trying Torchwood again because of James Marsters’ appearance in the first episode of the second season. Ridiculous and enjoyable all at once.

So I was tickled to find this webcomic, called Torchwood Babiez. (Update: Archived here.) Somehow, all of the silliest elements of the show are even funnier when the characters are drawn as four-year-olds. Baby Jack “can’t get boo-boos” and Baby Ianto carries around a cyber-Barbie. The guest-star on page 8 cracked me up. Beware of cuteness overdose.

Torchwood Babiez page 6

For more, Bully points out the Ten Doctors, a Who fan comic starring all of the Doctors!


  • Ha, that’s great.

    I keep going hot and cold over torchwood… it’s better than the Dr Who specials (No, Kylie, stop that), and Ianto is great, but it contains just a little too much ham for my diet.

  • I *want* to like it so much, but so often it’s disappointing, where you can see what it could have been.

  • James Schee

    I keep wanting to like it too, yet find myself too often just fast forwarding (I DVR it) past any scene Jack isn’t in.

    The other characters just hold no interest for me.

  • Lyle

    So far the second season is working better for me and my partner. Not great, but Jack resembles the character from Doctor Who (so, hopefully, I’ll recognize Freema Agyeman as playing Martha) and in the first two episodes no one did anything massively stupid so that the bad guy could put them in danger for another act (which was what they did throughout the first season).

  • Oh, right, I’m looking forward to Martha’s appearance. I like her a lot.

  • Season 2 is significantly better than season 1. There’s less of the embarrassingly gratuitous “adult” content, the characters are being written as effective rather than as a bunch of blundering idiots, and there appears to be less input from the Cardiff Tourist Board.

    On the other hand, it’s blatantly obvious (to British eyes, at least) that this is still a show desperately trying to be American. It thinks it’s the X-Files as written by Joss Whedon. It isn’t, and it doesn’t have much of its own to add to the equation. So there’s the nagging feeling that you’re watching a merely okay show which clearly set out to be much, much better than it actually is.

  • I had hopes for Season 2, but I just watched the second episode (the one called “Sleeper”, I think) last night, and it felt insulting. Characters just running around, stuff blowing up for dumb reasons… it wasn’t reassuring. I wouldn’t call the characters effective in that one, since there was lots of “let’s wait for something more to happen” and magic machines.

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