Flock of Angels Volume 3

Flock of Angels volume 3 cover

The series by Shoko Hamada concludes in this volume. I haven’t read book two, so I’m not sure how Shea wound up living in the mountains with a mysterious black-winged girl.

Her people can fully retract their wings, unlike him. So even where he might fit in, he doesn’t, although most are nice enough to him. Still, there are a bunch of weird things about their society, things Shea finds wrong and disturbing. However, they risk dying out, unless something can be done to bring them in contact with both humans and the white-winged group.

Flock of Angels volume 3 cover

Those who’ve read the previous books will enjoy this most, since the characters aren’t always introduced again (nor should they be). The conflict here, trying to find out why wings are appearing earlier and earlier, so that now winged babies are being born, is somewhat academic.

There’s a lot of discussion about how different groups should behave in terms of the greater society: should they stay separate, or should they mix even if it means losing their uniqueness? The book is very talky throughout. Mostly, it’s just people having conversations. Given that, it’s unfortunate that the heads can be either oddly shaped (drawing attention for the wrong reason) or not particularly distinctive in appearance (not keeping attention). It’s a shame that, in a book about people with wings, more impressive things weren’t done with the art.

The message, though, kept me going. It’s beautiful, about hope for the future and kids accepting diversity. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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