High School Debut Volume 4

High School Debut volume 4

Yoh and Haruna are finally dating in volume 4, but neither one of them is very good at it, having had little practice. Haruna’s competitive nature makes this very funny, since once she gets an idea in her head, she’s determined to do it to the best of her ability.

Take, for example, Christmas, a romantic holiday to spend with your sweetie. Haruna wants to be the Best Girlfriend Ever, only she doesn’t realize that that’s determined only by what’s best for her and Yoh. Instead, she gets caught up in making the whole thing a production, pulling everyone into her schemes.

She’s obsessing over what should be, which makes you miss the wonder of what is, but Yoh is so understanding and appreciative of her unique qualities that it should all work out ok. Even when there’s a typical shojo misunderstanding to keep the two apart for a while, the reason behind it is different, in keeping with these two unusual personalities.

High School Debut volume 4

Haruna’s enthusiasm makes me root for her even when she’s being silly. She’s so happy, and she wants to share it with those she cares about. That’s a wonderful motive. Her passion overwhelms her, and reading it is a wonderful reminder of when teenage love was the most important thing in the world.

The art by Kazune Kawahara is in keeping with the season and the mood — snowy parks, seasonal decorations, and impressionistic backgrounds to capture overwhelming emotion. I previously reviewed volume 3.

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