New Punisher Poster Has 3-D Interest

Punisher: War Zone poster

Punisher: War Zone will have a lenticular poster, shown here, that will start appearing in movie theaters tomorrow. According to the press agent, “the gun frame actually mounts onto the outside of the lightbox, and it will appear like this in theaters.” (Lenticular means that it appears to move depending on which angle you view, like those Cracker Jack prizes.)

The movie will be released December 5. It’s a reboot, a fresh start, not a sequel, starring Ray Stevenson instead of Thomas Jane. And boy, does it seem to have a checkered history, according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, with the writer taking his name off the script and some question over who’s going to be credited as director. Anyway, it’s based on the Max comic stories by Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon, and Jimmy Palmotti, which probably explains the R rating.

Given my well-known propensity to be squeamish, I haven’t seen the first one and probably won’t see this one. But then, I’m not the target audience, being neither male nor a teenager, nor fascinated by weaponry.

Punisher: War Zone poster

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