Comic Foundry #3

Comic Foundry #3

Comic Foundry issue 4 was due out on Wednesday, but it’s unfortunately been delayed a week (until October 15), which means I’ve been giving a reprieve and can barely squeak out my comments on the previous issue.

I still haven’t finished reading the whole thing — there’s a lot of interesting, varied content here — but I’m confident that this is still accurate: it’s the best comic magazine being published. After a rough start, issue #2 made some important improvements, and now the staff seems to have found its stride.

Comic Foundry #3

The design is confident and modern — too many magazines these days seem to miss out on some of the basics, like readability (Comics Now!) or approachability (the grey blocks of TwoMorrows’ publications are off-putting) — with content you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with (Wizard).

It truly covers the range of comics available today, too. When they tackle the people behind the material, like running a feature on “the cutest creator couples in comics”, it’s a fresh approach that doesn’t seem fawning or inappropriate. In short, I’m looking forward to the next issue, and you should be too.


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