Perhapanauts #3-4

Perhapanauts #4

Issue #3 has, within a framing sequence, three short stories featuring some of the best characters in the series — but then I realize that most of the characters are interesting to me, and I want to know more about all of them. So anyway… regular artist Craig Rousseau draws the first one, about what sasquatch-man Big does on his week off. He’s accompanied this time by water-sprite Merrow, whom I don’t recall seeing before but quickly came to love, due to her quiet confidence and calm demeanor.

Kelly Yates then draws an origin story for her, a short but touching romantic piece that evokes ancient tales. That’s followed by comedy drawn by Tad Stones. Choopie, amusing in his own right, has been selected as king by a race of gremlins for no known reason. By the end, they turn out to have their own catchphrase and potential utility to the team. Funny, emotional, and significant, all in one issue, all written by Todd Dezago.

Perhapanauts #3Perhapanauts #4

Issue #4 sets up the next issue conclusion of the first major storyline, as Arisa and MG get closer before the whole place bugs out. There’s more than one villain trying to destory the team, and a cliffhanger, of course, plus an action-packed backup with art by Jason Armstrong. It’s gonna be really hard to wait for #5.

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