John Rogers’ New Project: Leverage

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I enjoyed Blue Beetle largely because of John Rogers’ writing. He’s not writing it any more. (Matthew Sturges (House of Mystery) has taken over.) Instead, Rogers has moved to television, with a new TNT series called Leverage.

He’s executive-producing this “action-packed drama” along with Dean Devlin (Independence Day). Timothy Hutton stars as the leader of a team of thieves and con artists who steal from those who deserve it in order to help those not so well off. It’s got a 13-episode commitment, and Rogers co-wrote the pilot. (He also wrote and produced the unsuccessful pilot for Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency and co-wrote the movies Catwoman and Transformers.)

Leverage cast

In addition to Hutton, I recognize the brunette, Gina Bellman, who played Jane in Coupling, and Christian Kane, who played evil lawyer Lindsey McDonald on Angel.

The show premieres, commercial-free, December 7 at 10 PM Eastern. The original promo trailer is no longer available, but here’s a season recap promo video.

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