Archie’s Message: We Stay the Same

Every month, Archie sends out its solicits. They usually try to come up with some theme to highlight some of the books. What is it for this month? The comfortable status quo. Here’s the press release, clearly targeting the older reader:

Archie Comics have always inspired a sense of nostalgia in their readers. That’s because the company has always strived to keep the stories faithful to the fads and fashions of each decade in which they were published.

It’s also because the stories traded in Americana. By setting the tales in the fabled town of Riverdale, an “every town” mirror vision of suburbia where everyone knows each other by name, the company cemented Archie Comics as a safe haven for cherished memories. Such memories were made of skinned knees and bee stings, followed by sock hops and drive-ins, and ultimately protests and progress.

Where Archie comics really resonate for readers is in the notion that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

This February, a trio of stories examines this notion as only Archie Comics can, with its trademark humor coupled with heartwarming poignancy. You won’t want to miss these hysterical trips down memory lane!

This sounds like a pitch for a class reunion, not comics theoretically aimed at pre-teens. Perhaps they know that those readers aren’t coming through the comic shops, who are the ones who’ll see this information.

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