Punisher: War Zone Flops

Punisher War Zone poster

As reported by Tom McLean, Punisher: War Zone is considered a failure. It had the worst opening ever for a Marvel-related movie, at $4 million over the weekend.

Punisher War Zone poster

I feel no glee at this. It wasn’t my kind of movie, but for those who like testosterone-soaked bullet-fests, it seemed watchable. I think McLean has it right, that it’s a matter of timing. December films are expected to be blockbuster crowd-pleasers, family films, or prestige pics; this is none of the above. This seems more a summer or fall movie. He goes on to say,

The audience for this kind of movie has been dwindling into nichedom for years

Just like superhero comic fans, hmmm? But there are always DVD sales to hope for.

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